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Interesting BSD files

I recently discovered some odd files lying around my computer, I think they’re from all from FreeBSD which MacOS is based on.

/* /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr */ 01/05 Fellowship enters Moria 01/09 Fellowship reaches Lorien 01/17 Passing of Gandalf 02/07 Fellowship leaves Lorien 02/17 Death of Boromir 02/20 Meriadoc & Pippin meet Treebeard 02/22 Passing of King Elessar ...

There’s also a calendar.birthday file which includes the death of Lenin on January 21st, and the birthdays of W.E.B. DuBois, Dr. Seuss, NetBSD, Hobbes, Kant, Pope John Paul II, Marilyn Monroe, and Kafka.

/* /usr/share/misc/flowers */ African violet:Such worth is rare. Apple blossom:Preference. Bachelor's button:Celibacy. Bay leaf:I change but in death. Camelia:Reflected loveliness. Chrysanthemum, other color:Slighted love. Chrysanthemum, red:I love. Chrysanthemum, white:Truth. Clover:Be mine. Crocus:Abuse not. Daffodil:Innocence. Forget-me-not:True love. Fuchsia:Fast. ...


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