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Some changes

  • markdown support in posts
  • user sessions are now saved upon shutdown, should save people from having to log in all the time
  • previously, you could access a post at /posts/{id}, this has been changed to /post/{id} because I think it’s cleaner.


luke on 2021-06-18

Also, a necessary evil but you now need to embed your ascii art and other pre-formatted text in a fenced code block

luke on 2021-06-18

just remembered something else, I doubled the char limit

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Matthias on 2021-06-20

The increased character limit is welcome. Enabling markdown lost single line-breaks again, which is unfortunate. And welcome back, “luke.”

luke on 2021-06-21

I could probably add post editing and then you could code fence any of your posts which you'd like to modify

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