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Have you ever done an infinite amount of drugs?

Have you ever done an infinite amount of drugs at once? Just gotten drunk and blazed and shot up heronine and nicotine and morphine? Oxy and roofies and kerosene and bicycle repellent? Injected your viens with LSD and THC and PCP and M2D and seen the universe laid bare before you? Felt the gut wrenching pain of the chaotic universe inside you?

Have you ever died?

I die a little bit every day. Every day I kill an infinite number of parallel versions of me that could have been if I had made an infinite number of decisions slightly differently.

Have you ever lived?

Lived with the certainty that in life through faith you have been saved by the blood sacrifice of Jesus?

I have lived, and I’ve never died. And I’ve never done an infinite number of drugs at once and I never will because I don’t need to. I can see the universe spread out before me with my own eyes. And I can feel the gutwrenching chaos of the universe before me through God.


luke on 2023-06-08

Did you write this?

luke on 2023-07-30


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