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Software I have made recently

Not to be a shill (for myself), but I’ve released two open source projects recently which I think may be of some interest.

  1. movies github/lukekrikorian/movies
  2. photos github/lukekrikorian/photos

movies is basically just a wrapper for the YTS (pirating) API, but their first-party website has a bunch of these obnoxious popups I can’t seem to disable in safari, and this command line tool is a vast improvement in my opinion. Two cool features are automatic opening of the torrent link in your system set torrent application and random searching of a film from your letterboxd watchlist. I haven’t updated the README with the help text for this second feature though, so you’ll have to compile it and run movies --help for more info.

photos is the source code for my \“instagram clone\”, currently running at photos.krikorian.ca. I think this one is pretty neat, there are a lot of improvements I think I could still make but it serves its purpose ok. Please let me know if the interface is confusing, I tried to make it as minimal as possible but I feel as though it might leave some people slightly confused. One weird bug I encountered while working on it is the iPhones .heic images have their rotation encoded not in the image data (e.g the arrangement of pixels) but in the metadata of the photo. This is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever experienced. Half of the images I upload from my iPhone need to be rotated 270^{circ} and some don’t. An image that doesn’t need to be rotated when uploaded from the iPhone DOES need to be rotated when airdropped to a Mac and uploaded from there. It’s ridiculous. For the moment I’ve added a manual switch to the upload page but it’s a stupid hack and I need to read out all the metadata in an upcoming commit. Oh and btw, I AM aware that anyone can upload images to my site if they look through the source code. But please don’t :]


Matthias on 2021-06-02

What a world is it, where a website that creates a grid of user-uploaded photos is an \"Instagram clone\"

luke on 2021-06-02

i only say that cause these are pics i wouldve uploaded there if i wasn’t embarrassed 🐾

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