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Jesus Is King

If the past years in music have taught us anything, it is that Kanye West is still one of the most unconstrained artists in music scene. His ride-or-die fanbase ensures that whatever creative project West decides to pursue next, it’ll get the attention his work feeds off of. As of October 25th, that new project is Jesus Is King.

Since his last LP, Kids See Ghosts, with Kid Cudi, West has had a tumultuous past three years. Not that it was actually three years since Kids See Ghosts, I’m making up things as I go because I want to just move on to creating the layout for this web-page that doesn’t yet exist.

The problem with obsessing of magazines and how they look is that the fundamental reason magazines work in the first place is with text. You need stuff to write in the magazine. I can’t commit to writing about anything for longer than three minutes; anything that requires me to research dates will instantly kill my creative process. Nothing but writing directly off the top of my head will fill my imaginary quota for words. I don’t have writers block because I don’t write anything.

Take for example this article. The majority of it, this rant I’m forming that you’ve probably stopped reading already, has taken me half the time as the first paragraph. I just can’t be bothered to express anything other than my buffer of thoughts. Does that make an engaging article? I have no idea.

I don’t really know why I’m so obsessed with magazines. I like them. I had a subscription to a magazine once, Make magazine. I think since It’s been shut down, but it was such a joy to get it in the mail. I had that subscription for two years, and I don’t think I regret it. The content within wasn’t really my thing, but the layout of the type was engaging enough that I’d pour over them for hours.

Laying out something in an engaging way on the web sucks. It sucks. I hate phones. They’re awful. The mobile web is awful, and I hate it. I have to make everything super tiny to make it fit on the screen or just give up entirely. You can’t be creative at all or your layout is unusable. I hate the mobile web with a passion. I like magazines because it’s designing for one size only. You can layout every single character if you’d like. You can’t do that on the web or you’ll give up within five minutes.

Anyways, I think this is probably enough text that I can start designing this stupid website before giving up in three seconds because some CSS property isn’t working in my favor. I love CSS. Just kidding. I hate it.

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