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The Divine Zero

First, you’re going to hear a sort of soft buzzing, like the humbuzz of a fluorescent light, but way less vibrant and “in your face”. This is almost an aid. Submit to it, let yourself go.

Second, the visions will begin. An anecdote: My first was a cockroach, sitting on a stool as if it were human, painting something on a canvas. In a completely dark void.

It was scary. It was ridiculous, but anything you see will be galvanizing. Galvanizing without the any of it’s usual fight or flight in sight. Your brain at this point will be under whatever protocol insinuates paralyzing fear. Unrelenting unreasonable anxiety. There’s nowhere to go, and there’s just not much you can do to get rid of this coat.

A theory? Well, you just know whatever it is you’re seeing, is sentient. It’s there. and… It’s expressing itself in a way that we find utterly peculiar. It just bypasses any reasoning we may have, even for the most logical and unabashed person. You can’t shake the feeling that it knows your there, that you’re in it’s turf and one wrong move will lead to it figuring out you’re there. Maybe it knows your there, and you don’t want to do something to bother it. I believe it is always acknowledging you, though.

Directly. Not in a worldly manner with whatever it’s doing, that seems to be some sort of residue. Maybe an afterthought. It’s communicating with your real being, directly, and your consciousness, or whatever you truly are, seems to be responding with fright. The best thing to do is to keep your composure, because you will be impassionately reminded that your brain can override any strut.

Reported details of some other instances: A girl in a cell block tidying up beds, randomly gaining unnatural speed and going back to normal. A pogo stick with blue retractable arms filling up a bucket with water from a river. Occasionally staring at the participant, occasionally manipulating the size of the bucket.

Third, you will begin to enter a dreaming-like state. It is basically indistinguishable from an actual dream. Whatever the contents of this “dream” is seems to random nonsense, like any other dream I suppose. There is really no advice here, because the wave of realization will happen at some point, I believe it can be expedited but it will happen regardless.

Things will jitter and get very weird, exactly like transitioning into a lucid dream. But it’ll be way longer, maybe more unsettling, your body parts will contort, until you actually are, genuinely and truly, in this world. It’ll be more lucid than a lucid dream because it’s no longer a dream. You are now here in a new material reality.

If you’re still scared, then take a deep breath and rejoice as you’re sort of in control now. When you get a feel for things, you can finally call for her; Just use your mind. Or your voice.

This is the rest of your life.

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